TEMPRAVENT is proud to be part of MAHLE New Ventures GmbH, the home for start-ups within the MAHLE world.

One the one hand TEMPRAVENT is rooted to the thermal management expertise of the automotive supplier MAHLE by the structure of MAHLE New Ventures GmbH. On the other hand TEMPRAVENT is fast & flexible to meet customer demands and to create new approaches in innovative ways. This means we are perfectly prepared for our customers with lots of expertise and knowledge, while at the same time our Team is completely flexible in developing the right solutions suited to the needs of specific customer projects. While TEMPRAVENT is working on air-conditioning-solutions for motorcycle helmets, the other start-ups work on completely different innovative business fields.

Get to know all the founders of the MAHLE New Ventures start-ups including our founder Maximilian Göppert in this video and learn more about our innovative MAHLE New Ventures home.